News Updates

Containers due in, new products and updates!

10th December
Incoming containers this week.  We have added some sodas and some candy today, more to be added later this week.

9th December


We will be open up until Friday 21st December and will be closed until Wednesday 2nd January 2019.  There are at least 8 containers of stock to be added before we close so if you want to place orders while we are closed this is ok, we will not process these until we return 2nd January. There may be some delays in dispatching in the first week - please be aware of this.

30th November
5 containers have just arrived.  Pepperidge Farm cookies and crackers, Pop Tarts, Nabisco, Jello, Jack Daniel Sauces, Shake n Bake, Rice Krispie Treats, Arizona, La Croix, Froot Loops, Flipz, Pringles, Vidal, Snyders Harry Potter candy and lots of candy and more.  Also we have been offered a deal on Beanboozled peg bags in clip strips (36CT) dated July 2019.  Limited quantity coming in next week.  Email brad if you want more than a few boxes.

25th November
We received a delivery of our EU products including new Fanta Shokata in CANS, also 500ml Fanta Shokata, Malina, Passionanas, White Peach and Manguava.  Also Fanta Strawberry Kiwi, Exotic, Raspberry & Passionfruit along with Dr Pepper Cherry. Chocomel is back too.
Twix White in regular and king size and new Twix Gingerbread.   Returning choc bars - Lion Latte, Lion Black & White, Peanut and White. Kit Kats back also. Cheetos new flavour - Street Food along with the other varieties.

22nd November
Hostess delivery has arrived.  New Holiday items include - Holiday Twinkies, Holiday Cupcakes, Holiday Snowballs and Donettes.  Also a full restock of single serve and multipack Hostess in also.  Also we get a restock of Frito Lay snacks and dips, Kraft mac cheese, Stove Top stuffing mixes, EU Fanta in 8 flavours, Chocomel, Twix Gingerbread , Twix White, Twix White King Size (sourced from the EU), Cheetos (EU), Milka and Dr Pepper Cherry (EU).

17th November
Christmas products have been added in the Christmas Candy 2018 section.  Stock will be added Monday on restocks on Pop Tarts, Freshleys, Coffeemate, Jolly Rancher, Reese's, Combos, Ferrara, Hersheys, Kelloggs, new items include Boylan Soda, Unicorn Pop Tarts, Lucky Charms, other cereals, Baconnaise, Bacon Salt, Malt Salt and much more.

15th November
We are able to accept bank transfer payments from EU customers.  Payments must be made for the orders to be picked by the warehouse. Shipping quotes can be paid by payment link once order has been selected.

12th November
We are catching up now regarding the backlog of orders. We would like to thank our regular customers for their patience during this difficult time. We have some new wholesale team members in the warehouse and on customer service so we hope that we will be able to give quicker, better service going forward into 2019.  Later this week we will be adding our Christmas products from two containers. Keep your eye on the Christmas 2018 section from Wednesday / Thursday ;) . 

7th November

2nd November
We have more Harry Potter Wands, crests and chocolate creatures back in - along with the Bertie Botts beans , slugs and frogs.  Grab them while you can.

26th October

Kernel Seasons full range of popcorn seasonings and oatmeal mix-ins in 20 varieties are now in stock.  Much lower pricing than ever before due to purchasing direct from the factory. Dating is between Nov 2019 - Jan 2020.  Grab some while you can. 

New Hostess Fall / Autumn products - Pumpkin Spice Twinkies, Caramel Apple Cupcakes, Scary Cupcakes and Chocolate Twinkies added to stock while they last.  

Restocks on Boston America drinks and candy have been added  - including Duff, Flamin Mo, Dragonball Z and many more.  The sizes on their drinks have changed to 355ml so we got a deal on the original size 250ml so we have bought the last available varieties of those and have a deal price while stock lasts. New candies include Super Mario Bullet Bill, Cell Sours, Cassette Tape, Rick & Morty Mr Meeseeks. Also Rick & Morty and Shopkins Lip Balms.

Our last restock on Mars - M&M's , Snickers, 3 musketeers and Milky Way have been added along with new Pucker Powder candy items - Thumb suckers, Gum tubes and the 5ft long Pucker Powder MEGA TUBES ! 

Also restocks on Fanta from EU along with other drinks such as Mountain Dew, Schwip Schwap, Fristi and Chocomel. Also new editions will be Schwepppes cans, Dr Pepper Cherry in cans and bottles, Burn Energy in 3 flavours.  New confectionery from the EU - Lion Bars, Twix, Snickers White, Kit Kat Chunky, Mentos, Milka, Oreo and Cheetos while stocks last.

15th October
Another container arrived this morning. Canadian confectionery and drinks in for the first time in the UK. We'll be looking to add to stock asap.

14th October
Lots of containers have been added - 4 containers of soda - including Fanta's in 8 flavours, Sprite Cherry, Vanilla Coke, 2 containers of Calypso in 17 flavours and Arizona, Frostie and Snapple in certain flavours.  Also lots of candy - Nestle - Nerds, Laffy Taffy, Sweetarts, Baby Ruth, Butterfinger and much more.  Also larger packs of M&M's, Kennys, Lays Stax, Uncle Rays, Maruchan noodles and much more.

12th October
We just returned from the NACS show in Las Vegas - there we saw a lot of new products that will be coming out over the coming months.

30th September
Today we have been adding more than 5 containers of products. 

Halloween candy - including Nestle, Mars, Peeps, Brachs, Peeps and more in limited quantities.  Restocks on regular candy, groceries and drinks including M&M's, Snickers, Arizona, Gatorade, Fanta, Lucky Charms, Mrs Freshleys, Pop Tarts.  We have more Halloween candy arriving on Wednesday also.

16th September
All restocks on the website while they last - Gatorade in more than 20 flavours (both 20oz and 32oz), Monster Caffe and other flavours, Arizona in several flavours, Virgils sugar free soda in cans, EU - Fanta Strawberry Kiwi, Fanta Shokata, Passionanas, Malina and Raspberry passionfruit.  Dr Pepper Cherry from EU.  Fanta Mango and Apple (US).  Groceries such as cereals and other products such as BBQ sauces - including Budweiser, Sweet Baby Rays, KC Masterpiece.  Calypso is back in all flavours including new Island Wave flavour.  Small restock on M&Ms, Snickers,Milky Way and Wrigleys gums.

9th September
Flying Cauldron Butterscotch Beer, Virgils Root Beer, Cream Soda and Black Cherry Cream Soda has returned to the website. Restock on many candy items happening during today including Pop Tarts, Froot Loops and Pringles. Hersheys kisses, Mrs Freshleys, Grandmas cookies and Flipz. Also added - Jolly Rancher, Mike & Ike, Warheads, Vanilla Coke, Hawaiian Punch (cans), E-Frutti, Pop Rocks, Airheads, Kidsmania, Tootsie Roll, Froot Loops.  More to add still including Wrigleys, Mars and Twizzlers.

29th August
We just received Frito Lay products along with Kraft items.  Look out for updates on the website later this week on Easy Cheese, Fritos dips and snacks, Tostitos, Lays, Kraft Mac Cheese, Stove Top, Ruffles, A1 sauce and lots more.  Also Monster Energy just came back - Muscles, Maxx, Javas, Caffe, Espresso, Juice, Ultra Zeros.  New sodas in limited quantity in stock - we are trialling these to see how they sell - Fanta Green Apple, Fanta Exotic, Fanta Raspberry Passionfruit, Fanta Strawberry Kiwi in cans and Fanta Pineapple Passionfruit in 500ml bottles.   

23rd August
We have received a big Hostess delivery with so many new varieties in single serve and multipacks including Limited Edition Cotton Candy Twinkies and Hostess Bake Shop Cupcake Cookies in three flavours.  We will try to have the products available Thursday morning 23rd as soon as possible.

Super Mario cereal and Lucky Charms new size 14.9oz are available in limited quantities.   Also we have received 3 containers of Calypso so will have up to 18 flavours for as long as they last.  Also a top up on Espeez candy and Mike & Ike, Oreo Brownies and new Reese's Outrageous bars in standard and king size. 

10th August

4 new flavours of Pop Tarts - Strawberry Milkshake, Vanilla Milkshake and Splitz in 2 flavours - are available on the website while stocks last.  La Croix just came in which is the U.S no1 selling sparkling water with a hint of flavour.  Over 15 varieties , its definitely a change from the sugary sodas that we normally sell.  Also new in is Pepperidge Farm Goldfish crackers in a range of sizes and flavours - the difference now is that we are buying with export shelf life , which is between 6 - 8 months!   Also we are trialling a very small amount of Milano cookies in a variety of flavours again with decent shelf life.  Also restocks in limited amounts of Arizona, Snapple, Kennys twists and gummi bottles - Dr Pepper, A &W, Warheads freezer bars , Maruchan ramen, Singles to go drink mixes including Jolly Rancher, Crush, A&W, Hawaiian Punch, IBC and many more.  Also a small restock on Uncle Rays and Lays Stax, Coffeemate creamer portion pots in 9 different varieties. Also Rainbow Nerds, Butterfinger and much more available also.

23rd July
We have received a record number of orders over the weekend which is fantastic however please bear with us while we do our best to dispatch as soon as we can.  The weather is very hot also so please check before we ship to any country outside of the UK.   More containers due in later this week.

22nd July
We are adding new products and restocks from 8 containers that came in earlier in the week.  Products such as Monster Energy, Mars, Nestle, Sour Patch, Tootsie, Jolly Rancher, Reeses, Hershey, Swedish Fish, Pringles, Calypso, Fanta, Dr Pepper, Duncan Hines cakes mixes and frostings including the new Perfect Size for One range which is much bigger now with frostings and drizzles in a variety of flavours.  More being added during today Hostess, Mrs Freshleys and new Oreo Choc Peanut Butter Pie cookies, Pop Tarts Wild Berry and other flavours.

16th July
We have a promotion on Jolt Energy Cola 473ml !  The original carbonated energy cola that first appeared in the mid 1980s before the idea of Red bull was even born.  For a limited time during the summer we are offering £5 off per case.  While stocks last.
14th July

Stock arriving in and being added this weekend - Duncan Hines, Vlasic, Mrs Butterworth's and Log Cabin syrups. Also a small restock on Oreo Cherry Cola, Kettle Corn and new Oreo Thins Pina Colada.

26th June
**** PLEASE NOTE ******    ******** HOT WEATHER WARNING *******
We are experiencing some hot weather warnings over the coming days - please ensure that any orders you require to be shipped while temperatures are very high are at your own risk.  While every reasonable care is taken when shipping, sensitive confectionery items including chocolate are not advised to be shipped if high temperatures are expected.  You are welcome to arrange your own transport during this time and we are still happy to dispatch as normal but we will not accept claims for heat damage.  Shipping during the summer will be at the customers own risk.  
This affects us too, during May - September why we have to pay more than 3x the cost during the summer months to ship in refrigerated chilled containers to ensure our confectionery products are in perfect condition when they arrive.  If you have any questions please email .

21st June
Sodas have arrived along with a restock of Calypso drinks.  The following will be available to order from Friday midday 12pm GMT  : Pepsi Wild Cherry, Fanta Grapefruit, Fanta Cherry, Fanta Peach, Fanta Apple, Fanta Berry, Fanta Grape, Fanta Strawberry, Fanta Pineapple, Fanta Fruit Punch, Fanta Orange, Fanta Mango, Vanilla Coke, Cherry Coke, Coke Classic, Sprite Cherry, Dr Pepper Vanilla Float, Dr Pepper Cherry Vanilla, Dr Pepper Classic along with Gatorade 591ml Cool Blue, Glacier Freeze, Fruit Punch, Fierce Grape and maybe some Baja Blast.  Limited quantities on some flavours.

Also restocks on Jif PB, Fluff Caramel, Tootsie Rolls, Charleston Chews and more Fiji water.

13th June
Products added : Mars : M&M's, Milky Way, Snickers, Wrigleys, Skittles, Starburst, Lifesavers, Twix, Calypso drinks, Hostess, Freshleys, Aunt Jemima mixes, Warheads,  Gatorade, Calypso, Hamburger Helper, Pillsbury, La Croix, cereals - including Chex, Lucky Charms, Reese's Puffs, Super Mario cereal, General Mills and much more.    Check out the new products section -  Airheads Mystery Bites, Milky Way Fudge, M&M Snack Mix, Starburst Sour Berries gummies,  Also added :  Arizona, new Oreos, Haribo, Jolly Rancher, Pop Tarts, more Kelloggs cereal, Charms, Airheads, Twizzlers, Hersheys and a lot more.

4th June
We have received the Frito Lay and Kraft container - these items will be added Sunday morning.  Two containers were slightly delayed and will not come in until next week alongside another four!   Two containers full of Calypso will hopefully keep all customers refreshed, but please be aware we will be limiting the quantities to ensure all customers are able to buy.  There will be no need to panic buy as we have an additional 6 containers containing Calypso arriving over the coming weeks. Herr's pre-order email will be sent out on Tuesday - it is safe to say that the first container load will sell out , so we are ordering another two.

30th May
Four containers to look forward to arrive at the end of this week - including Gatorade, Frito Lay snacks, Kraft, Stove Top, Easy Cheese, Warheads, Swedish Fish, Mrs Freshleys, Hostess, Mars, Wrigleys, Lifesavers, Skitttles, Starburst, Twix, Snickers, M&Ms, Pop Tarts, Nerds, Ritz, Boston America drinks - Duff etc.  Next week / week after we see Calypso back finally and also other products following closely behind such as Monster, Fanta etc.

25th May
There will be a delay shipping orders next week due to the Spring Bank Holiday in the UK on Monday.
  The warehouse will be closed between 26th - 28th.  Warehouse will re-open on Tuesday 29th.  Please bear with us as there will be a lot of orders to process. We will work as quickly as we can but there will be a delay.  Thankyou in advance for your patience and understanding.

13th May
Lots of restocks in and on the website (while stocks last).  Jones Soda, Fanta in several flavours (limited quantity), Sour Patch candy, Sweet Baby Rays, M&M's (including Caramel in 9.6oz and 38oz), Mike & Ikes, Frostie Soda, Arizona, Mexican Coke, Snapple.  Also Hersheys pudding mixes, Jolly Rancher jelly mix and a range of singles to go powdered drink mixes including A& W Root Beer, Cream Soda, IBC Cherry Cola, Jolly Rancher and Sunny D in 2 flavours. Also Maruchan Ramen noodles, Coffeemate (3 types), Uncle Rays and Lays Stax. Also Boston America candy back also.  New products - Nerds Giant Chewy 6oz, Junior Mints Minis 4.5oz, A&W Cream Soda and Jolly Rancher Blue Raspberry drink mixes.

6th April
***UK Customers Only***
From today 6th April - the UK Government Sugar Tax Levy comes in to force.  This means that in addition to the case price on soda , there will also be a charge for sugar tax - according to the amount of sugar within the product.  The charge is based on the quantity of sugar per 100ml - less than 5g per 100ml : NO TAX ,  5g - 8g per 100ml : 16p per litre ,  over 8g per 100ml : 24p per litre.  This applys to all drinks with the exception of pure fruit juices and milkshakes (more than 75% milk).  Diet Sodas and waters (not sweetened) will not have any charge.  Unfortunately the majority of the drinks / sodas we sell are on the top level of sugar so will incur the highest increase. 
**** At the moment we are working on implementing this on to the website.  Any orders placed at this time will not show the sugar tax yet - but it will still be payable ****

Welcome to American Fizz Wholesale

We are one of the largest UK importers of American sweets, candy, snacks, drinks and groceries with over 1500 varieties available for wholesale orders.

We have a range available of American drinks that are fully EU compliant, major brands such as Jones Soda, Pepsi, Coca Cola, Big Red, Jolt Cola in cans and bottles. We exclusively distribute Jones Soda, Virgils Soda, Reeds Ginger Brews and Flying Cauldron Butterscotch Beer (Harry Potter). Other exclusive drinks include Calypso Brands Premium Limeades and Lemonade range, Long Island Iced Tea and fruit drinks and Jolt Cola in the UK. Other brands sold include - Arizona Teas, Fanta, Yoo-hoo, Boston America and many more.

Our American snacks range is unrivalled - we handle the Export version of  Frito Lay products. These include : Cheetos, Fritos, Funyuns, Tostitos, Lays Stax, Ruffles and Cracker Jack popcorn.  We also exclusively distribute Herr's Snacks export products. These include a tasty range of flavoured puffs and chips and are unmatched taste-wise.  Other snacks we import are Combos, Pringles, Lays Stax and Jack Links jerky.

We also have groceries brand names like General Mills and Kelloggs with varieties such as Lucky Charms Cereal, Fruit Loops, Reeses Puffs. Also other groceries including Marshmallow Fluff, Kelloggs Pop Tarts, Hostess, Mrs Freshley's, Smuckers, Duncan Hines and many more.

We sell hundreds of different American Candy products including exclusive brands such as Project 7 sugar free gums and Grenades Gum - also other well-known brands such as Hershey's, Wonka, Nestle, Just Born, Koko, Mike & Ike, Reese's and many more. We and our partners, who work with all the manufacturers and main distributors of your favourite american drinks & groceries, work hard to make sure that we bring you the best variety of products at sensible prices (cheaper than most in the UK). We also stock a range of British and European confectionery and are looking to add more in the future.

We aim to bring you the biggest range of American products with the very best prices in the UK.

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